Friespamore – an affordable snack food line made readily available through in-line stores and that has expanded into over a 130+ franchise outlets nationwide and 3 company stores. It’s unique and customer friendly food cart marketing scheme and franchise operation works towards obtaining a respectable market share in the local fast food industry. We offer our loyal customers the easy grip when you order fries and drinks in one cup.

Dafort’s Sisig – strives to be the Mother of Sisig chain in the Philippines with a wide appeal to diverse cultural groups of varied incomes. The goal is to provide casual dining experiences that exemplify quality, value service and excellence in all aspects of operation.

Waterlemon – a freshly squeezed lemonade beverage that gives the body the chance to absorb vitamin C that lemon gives and provides us a little immune boost. And can be a better alternative to caffeinated drinks. We already have 2 branches in Metro Manila and in San Pedro Laguna for openers.

Dafort’s Shawarma – a new concept where in the Shawarma are all freshly cooked with the finest beef and tuna meat served with freshly cut onions, cucumbers and tomatoes with our signature sauces. The Shawarma will surely satisfy our taste buds in a much affordable snack food. A Buy One Free One offer that you shouldn’t miss.


Unique “fusion” concept of French fries plus topping and iced tea or juice in one cup.

Dafort's Sisig

A casual dining experience that exemplifies quality, value service and excellence in all aspects of operation.


Freshly squeezed lemon with combined with fresh mint to quench your thirst and regenerate your strength.

Dafort's Shawarma

Shawarma that you shouldn’t miss and will definitely satisfy your cravings of Pinoy-Style Shawarma flavor